Blastorium: Recoded

A temporary page for the Recoded version. For FAQ and other stuff, refer to the old Blastorium page
(For those who are wondering, yes, this version is better than the original Blastorium)

Project Blastorium:Recoded

The latest version is v1.2.2 beta, and can be downloaded  here (via dropbox).

It has pretty much included all the gameplay the original Blastorium has, plus some additional features, better graphics, better performance, better size and better everything overall. I still haven't implemented every other little bits though, so as of now it still doesn't have a title screen nor sounds (still looking for some awesome BGMs!)
Now with 350% more explosions and 100% more made-up stats
To play, extract the .zip to a folder and just run the .exe there. Controls are explained in-game

Past versions:
-v1.2.1.2 beta (fixed version of v1.2.1 beta)
-v1.2.1 beta (buggy)

-v1.2.0 beta
-v1.1.0 beta
-v1.0.0 beta

-v0.20 alpha

-v0.10 alpha

-v0.01 alpha
Feedback and bug reports are definitely, undoubtedly, absolutely and very extremely appreciated! :D

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